The Family Fraternity


Senior Regent...................Theresa Sardono

Jr Past Regent...............................................Open

Secretary...............................Grace Wilkerson

Treasurer.........................................Anna Walker

Appointed Officers

Guide....................................................Lori Fisher



Women of the Moose Inverness Chapter 1773


The Women of the Moose (WOTM) provides many opportunities for leadership, teamwork, volunteerism, and community involvement.  We have a Board of Officers and five committees who plan fundraisers and fun events.

Women of the Moose Chapters support the WOTM Scholarship and Maintenance Fund and the Endowment Fund each month along with special projects for Mooseheart and Moosehaven and our community.


Mooseheart special projects include:

  • Feed a Home in December
  • Girls Athletic Program
  • Boys Athletic Program
  • Christmas in October
  • Music Department
  • Special Activities
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Mooseheart Photography
  • New Child-Right Start



Moosehaven special projects include: Daily Needs; Vision, Hearing and Dental Needs; Christmas Gifts and Special Events, Pharmacy Assistance and Beauty Shop.


The Women of the Moose Chapter is an option for female Lodge members to join if they wish to advance and earn the three degrees of the Women of the Moose.  Also, if you desire to be a Lodge Officer, you need to be a member of the Chapter.


The Academy of Friendship Degree is the first degree of the Women of the Moose


  • Any member may qualify for this degree by serving as an elected or appointed officer or Chapter Committee Chairman.
  • She must sponsor and enroll one or more member (three or more members if installed after January 31st) and hold a fundraising project.
  • Any member not installed into a position may earn this degree by sponsoring and enrolling five or more members.
  • The Chapter shall qualify for the Award of Achievement.



 Golden Gavel Honor (formerly Green Cap)


  • Eligibility for the Golden Gavel honor shall be limited to a member who served a full term as Senior Regent and fulfilled the duties as stated in the WOTM General Laws.
  • The Chapter shall qualify for the Award of Achievement.


College of Regents Degree


  • Eligibility for College of Regents shall be limited to a member who has met the qualifications for the degree during her term of office as Senior Regent and during her term of office as Junior Past Regent.
  • She must have fulfilled the duties as stated in the WOTM General Laws.
  • If she qualified for the Golden Gavel, she has met one-half of the requirements for the College of Regents degree.


College of Regents Red Tassel


After one year of membership in the College of Regents, the green tassel shall be replaced with a red tassel at the November Committee Meeting in the chapter of the Collegian.



College of Regents Red Stole


A Collegian shall be invested with a red stole in her chapter only after she has been a member in good standing in the College of Regents for three or more successive years from her original date of conferral and has enrolled three or more members into the Chapter.  The Collegian shall then be invested at the Higher Degrees – College of Regents Committee Meeting in November.



Star Degree

  • The Treasurer must have fulfilled all the duties as stated in the WOTM General Laws.  She is responsible for the Chapter financial accounts and Chapter membership records.
  • The Treasurer shall sponsor and enroll two or more members.
  • The Chapter shall earn the Award of Achievement.



All Chapter members are invited to attend our meetings on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7PM.


We have open meetings in June (Academy of Friendship), August (Star), October (Mooseheart/Moosehaven), November (College of Regents) and January (Golden Gavel Celebration) which are open to all lodge members.


We look forward to meeting you and hope that you will get involved with your Chapter.  We appreciate all of our members and encourage you to get involved.  Volunteering is a great way to get involved.  It can be a very rewarding experience.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



WOTM Inverness Chapter 1773


Grace Wilkerson

Grace Wilkerson, Secretary




Faith, Hope and Charity are the three great principles of the Women of the Moose.