The Family Fraternity


The Moose Legion is the Second Degree for our male members. Moose Legionnaires embody the spirit of our Order by dedicating themselves to greater expenditures of service to the Lodge and our community. Moose Legionnaires sponsor more new members, volunteer more often, and exhibit the fraternalism we are known for. It is also a requirement to hold a Lodge elected office.

A moose Legionnaire may proudly wear his Moose Legion vest or his maroon Moose Legion jacket to acknowledge his advancement.

The next step of advancement would be the Fellowship Degree of Honor. This degree is awarded to Moose Legionnaires who have exhibited exemplary service to his Lodge, his community, and his District. A member of the Fellowship Degree can be recognized by his French Blue blazer. A Fellow must be an active Moose member for five years minimum.

The ultimate degree that may be obtained is the Pilgrim Degree of Merit. There is an average of 3,000 nationally that hold this most coveted degree. These members have given of themselves by being active in their Lodge for a minimum ten years and working tirelessly toward the advancement of the Order. These Fraternalists may be recognized by the Gold Jacket they are entitled to wear.